Author's Parents (Dorothy and Mark Murakami) with Oldest Grandson (Brian)

Welcome to aboutalz.comLearning About Alzheimer’s Disease Together. I have a lot of questions about Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and perhaps you do, too. September 21st was World Alzheimer’s Day. The numbers are staggering — today there are about 35 million people in the world living with AD or a related dementia. In just 20 years, the number is expected to double. I am passionate about this topic because I am afraid … afraid that I might one day find myself in my late father’s shoes. The day I heard the words … Dad has Alzheimer’s … froze me in my tracks and is etched in my mind forever. I’m not the only one afraid. Approximately two-thirds of adults 55 and over also have the fear. See http://budurl.com/uvkl.

I’ve been blogging for almost a year … http://noranagatani.comHelping Seniors Live Happily Ever After … on senior topics that have touched me or my relatives and friends. It’s been a lot of fun. However, in listening to my mentor, Richard Dennis, the message is clear — I need to find a niche. A few months ago, I didn’t know; now I know that niche is Alzheimer’s.

I dedicate this blog in memory of my father who had AD and my mother who was his primary caretaker and in hope for all of us. I’m grateful for your visit and I hope my research will enhance your knowledge about this ravaging disease. I invite you on this journey with me.  I also invite you to read my story on my About Nora page on the tab above.


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